Day Τrips from Athens

Day Τrips from Athens

One Day Cruise tour to Saronic Islands from Athens. Visit Poros, Hydra, Aegina

Book our one day cruise to the Saronic Islands, and visit Poros, Hydra and Aegina. These, lovely and easily accessible islands are small havens in close proximity to Athens, an all-year-round destination for the Athenians!

Price From: 110 €

Private Day Tour to Meteora from Athens, visit Monasteries of Meteora viewing “suspended in air”

Private day tour to Monasteries of Meteora from Athens. Get impressed by the natural beauty of the rocks, and by the way monasteries are lying on some of the cliffs.

Price From: 71 €

Private Day Tour in Delphi from Athens, visit Museum of Thebes, Monastery of Hosios Loukas

Day trip from Athens to Delphi, to visit the most popular site of UNESCO such as Delphi & the Temple of Apollo, Archaeological museum of Thebes and the Mycenaean Tombs. Visit the Byzantine Monastery of Hosios Loukas that has been listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. You can make a stops everywhere as it is your private Tour!

Price From: 47 €

Private Day Tour in Peloponnese, visit Argolis, Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus & romantic city of Nafplio

Choose this private tour we have created for you in Argolis, this one-day escape from busy Athens and visit Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplio! Visit the breathtaking Canal of Corinth, pay a
visit Ancient Corinth to walk at the same paths that the famous personality of Apostle Paul walked

Price From: 43 €

Day Tour from Athens to Ancient Sparta, Mystras, Memorial of Leonidas
Enjoy a private day trip from Athens Greece, exploring the famous Ancient Sparta & the byzantine town of Mystras, with the comfort and safety of our chauffeured services. Outstanding destination within reach from Athens. Escape the city buzz and visit the tower town of Mysrtas, the Museum of Olive Oil in Sparta, the Memorial of Leonidas in Sparta e.t.c and enjoy our best-seller private day trip from Athens.

Price From: 65 €

Day Trip from Athens to Ancient Corinth, Caves of Lakes at Kalavrita & Journey with Cog Railway

If you are looking for an alternative private tour from Athens and wish to enjoy the breathtaking, wild environment, this tour we have created is definitely suitable for you!

Price From: 56 €

One Day Private Tour to Saronic Island of Aegina from Athens & visit at the Temple of Aphaia
Once you arrive you will immediately notice the neoclassical buildings in earth colours, the narrow streets, the traditional houses with small courtyards filled with trees and flowers and the narrow alleys where you will explore the traditional shops and taverns, the narrow paved alleys between mansions, Churches with blue domes and popular art shops.

Price From: 100 €